Materials used for production of packagingh


High quality poly­pro­py­lene unwo­ven fabric pro­du­ced using spun­bond tech­no­logy. They are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by high ten­sile strength, tear and abra­sion resi­stance, and high fire resi­stance. Bre­atha­ble.



It is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by excep­tio­nal resi­stance to harm­ful ele­ments. The appli­ca­tion of canvass covers inc­lu­ded in our offer pro­vi­des ade­qu­ate pro­duct pro­tec­tion aga­inst moisture, dust, strong sun, etc.



Fabrics made of poly­ester, poly­amide, ara­mid, glass, sili­cate, cera­mics; aera­tion fabrics, fil­tra­tion fabrics with mecha­ni­cal strength. Depen­ding on requ­ire­ments, we offer raw fibre mate­rials, impre­gna­ted or with an addi­tio­nal mem­brane.

TEXTILE packaging

We design and manu­fac­ture pac­ka­ging based on textile mate­rials, depen­ding on clients’ needs we can adjust the size, colour, shape, accor­ding to the infor­ma­tion given from con­trac­tors or using our own desi­gns. Sewn pac­ka­ging pro­ducts are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a light shape of inserts, and can be repe­ate­dly fol­ded, they are ligh­twe­ight and very deli­cate, made in the form of inserts, cur­ta­ins, awnings, tar­pau­lins, etc.

Valu­ation of pac­ka­ging

Innovative painted surface covers


Inno­va­tive pain­ted sur­face covers — used pri­ma­rily in the auto­mo­tive indu­stry to pro­tect fen­ders, during trans­port of cars on the pro­duc­tion line; made from sturdy leather sub­sti­tute lami­na­ted with poly­ethy­lene foam, atta­ched to a pain­ted sur­face using rub­ber noz­zles with magnets.

Textile material laminating


We are able to lami­nate pac­ka­ging pro­ducts, such as poly­pro­py­lene, mine­ral wool, PVC with glass fabrics or non-woven fabric in dif­fe­rent colo­urs and den­si­ties; the com­bi­na­tion of mate­rial with a fabric is resi­stant to stret­ching and tem­pe­ra­ture.


The most fre­qu­en­tly used pro­duct are trus­ses that pro­tect small and medium-sized parts in the auto­mo­tive indu­stry made of pla­stic, chrome or pain­ted. Textile inserts by AMEOLI are indi­vi­du­ally desi­gned, and the dedi­ca­ted shape of the truss allows full pro­tec­tion of trans­por­ted parts aga­inst damage.


Textile inserts for con­struc­tion of steel con­ta­iners — widely used in con­ta­iners, racks, metal pal­lets. The sys­tem of suspen­ded sewn pockets, cur­ta­ins, locks allows for a high degree of pro­tec­tion of trans­por­ted pro­ducts.

Examples of textile packaging


TEXTILE pac­ka­ging

Light and delicate surface of Textile Inserts makes it ideal for inter-post and external transport.

If you are not sure if they are suitable for your company please contact us.