Materials used for production of containers


Upon the client’s spe­cial requ­est we offer pac­ka­ging made of an anti­sta­tic sheet that scat­ters stray cur­rents, which allows trans­por­ting elec­tro­nic com­po­nents safely.


To trans­port par­ti­cu­larly sen­si­tive com­po­nents we lami­nate poly­pro­py­lene she­ets using non-woven fabric and other textile mate­rials in dif­fe­rent weights and colo­urs.


We offer a large range of cor­ru­ga­ted poly­pro­py­lene she­ets that are very dura­ble, water­proof, manu­fac­tu­red in dif­fe­rent colo­urs, den­sity and thick­ness.


Pac­ka­ging by AMEOLI is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by high quality and inno­va­tion, we design and manu­fac­ture dedi­ca­ted con­ta­iners based on very light panels made from poly­pro­py­lene she­ets.

 Strengthening systems


The “U” shape strip sys­tem - after instal­ling the sys­tem of strips on a poly­pro­py­lene con­ta­iner and scre­wing sta­bi­li­zing cor­ners we achieve stif­fe­ning and streng­the­ning of pac­ka­ging, and a possi­bi­lity to stack con­ta­iners ver­ti­cally during sto­rage and exter­nal trans­port.


The “H” shape frame sys­tem — a spe­cial design of the sys­tem pre­vents it from fal­ling out, and thanks to its design it cre­ates a mono­lith per­fec­tly stif­fe­ning and sta­bi­li­zing the whole pac­ka­ging; the sys­tem allows stac­king the pac­ka­ging ver­ti­cally; one of its advan­ta­ges is eli­mi­na­tion of addi­tio­nal cor­ners.


We use the latest methods of joining cor­ru­ga­ted she­ets from the most popu­lar ultra­so­und welding thro­ugh the bon­ding method to the ther­mal method.


We pro­duce con­ta­iner fil­ling based on pac­ka­ging mate­rials such as foam, poly­ethy­lene, poly­pro­py­lene trus­ses, sewn fil­ling desi­gned accor­ding to its pro­per­ties.


Trans­port han­dles are desi­gned for instal­la­tion in poly­pro­py­lene sheet con­ta­iners, and they are made in open and clo­sed ver­sions from PVC mate­rial and rub­ber that allows for conve­nient and safe trans­port.


We offer over­print on pac­ka­ging of any image, and any colour from the colour palette.
Over­print on poly­pro­py­lene con­ta­iner at Ame­oli


POLYPROPYLENE con­ta­iners

Examples of containers

Reliable Polypropylene Containers are perfect for production and transport.

If you are not sure if they are suitable for your company please contact us.