Materials used for production of systems


Pro­fi­les are widely used as com­po­nents of sup­por­ting struc­tu­res of con­ta­iners, pal­lets, covers. Thanks to the wide range of dimen­sions the pro­fi­les are used for con­struc­tion of fen­ces, railings and gates.


Sheet metal is fre­qu­en­tly used in steel con­ta­iners in the pac­ka­ging indu­stry, and in the con­struc­tion indu­stry. Sheet metal is also used whe­re­ver dura­bi­lity, strength, and resi­stance to mecha­ni­cal damage mat­ter.


Rods are most com­monly used to con­struct fen­ces, doors, gates and railings. They also ful­fil a signi­fi­cant role in pro­duc­tion of metal con­ta­iners. Rods are made of sta­in­less steel with good strength pro­per­ties.

METAL Systems

We design and manu­fac­ture METAL sys­tems pri­ma­rily for the auto­mo­tive indu­stry, such as metal con­ta­iners for trans­port of auto­mo­tive parts assem­bled with sewn or foam fil­ling, con­ta­iners for deta­ils with poly­pro­py­lene plate par­ti­tions, equ­ip­ment for pro­duc­tion lines, con­ta­iners, wire mesh con­ta­iners, etc., desi­gned for inter-department or inter-post trans­port.

Valu­ation of metal sys­tems


We can cover metal sys­tems with all kinds of paints — pulve­ri­zing, glass bla­sting, sand bla­sting, shot bla­sting. Pulve­ri­zing of various sur­fa­ces (pain­ting fur­nace dimen­sions: 1.5 m width X 2 m height X 8 m length), as well as com­plex cle­aning (spe­cia­list cham­ber measu­ring 4 m width X 3 m height X 8 m length).

Equipment of metal systems

We have a wide range of com­po­nents for metal pac­ka­ging equ­ip­ment such as pla­stic and sewn fil­lings, welded mesh, whe­els. They can be desi­gned for trans­port of parts in pro­duc­tion halls or in road trans­port, and sto­rage of various goods in stock.


We make a wide range of metal sys­tems for the indu­stry such as metal bins with walls full of sheet metal, grids, panels, super­struc­tu­res with fil­ling, pac­ka­ging, pro­duc­tion tables.


Accor­ding to our clients’ wishes and desi­gns we pro­duce: Gabions, fen­ces made of pro­fi­les or full rods, frame panels with wooden inserts, fen­ces, frame struc­tu­res fil­led with mesh, struc­tu­res for canvas covers.


In this range the AMEOLI com­pany makes reno­va­tions of metal fen­ces, gril­les, gates, fur­ni­ture, lamps, etc.; we renew, clean and secure pro­ducts with anti-corrosion coating, galva­ni­zing, powder, etc.


METAL Sys­tems

Examples of metal systems

Irreplaceable and durable Metal Systems prove themselves worthy in every industrial sector

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